Norway and my experience at Bik Bok


Hey hey!

So as some of you may know from my Instagram, I am back from the most amazing trip to Oslo, Norway. I was there for a placement at a Scandinavian fashion company called Bik Bok. Before I tell you all about my placement I want to talk about how much I loved Norway!



I arrived in Oslo after a short flight from Edinburgh and was greeted by some lovely rain (nothing new for a Scottish girl) and got a taxi to my airbnb apartment in the Frogner area. If you go to Oslo, I highly recommend looking at airbnb as it works out half the price of a hotel!

I instantly fell in love with Oslo. I couldn’t get over how beautiful it is! The architecture was stunning and all the streets were so pretty and clean. Everyone I met were super friendly and spoke perfect English!


I arrived on a weekend so spent a couple of days sightseeing and stumbled upon the most beautiful park called Frogner Park! It was filled with statues and a pretty pond surrounded my flowers.



Sightseeing on your own can get a little lonely at times so I was really happy that my dad flew out to spend the last couple days with me!

We explored more sights of Oslo including the Opera House and The Palace as well! We got such beautiful weather making Oslo look ever prettier! We went shopping and found a street with Louis Vuitton, Burberry and Gucci on it- heaven!

My dad and I also found a festival going on called Piknik i Parken which had Solange Knowles performing at it! It had such an amazing atmosphere and we had so much fun!


As amazing as Norway is, it is so expensive! If you are going there, be aware of the prices! If you want to go grocery shopping I would recommend going to Kiwi as it is the cheapest supermarket.




And finally onto my placement. Bik Bok is a fashion company specialising in womenswear and was founded in Norway. Since then it has grown to have 200 stores across Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Austria. Their clothes are very on trend and gorgeous!


When I was there I was placed in the children/teen department which has a line of clothing called WOW. I worked with the buying team and was super excited to see what they got to do as it was my first experience of buying.

I got the chance to go behind the scenes of a photo-shoot and also got to sit in with buying meetings with suppliers from India and Turkey!


I learned lots, like how to measure samples properly and got to watch how the buying process happened from start to end. Everyone in the office were so friendly and made the experience even better!


The above are design boards I made for the WOW team!

Overall, I had the best time in Norway. My experience at Bik Bok has definitely reinforced the fact that I want to work in fashion, and I am really grateful for the experience.

I cannot wait to go back and would recommend to anyone to give Oslo a visit- make sure you check out Bik Bok when you are there also!

Love always,


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