Shooting at Botanic Gardens


So if you follow my Instagram, you will have seen some new pictures that were taken at Botanic Gardens, Glasgow, last weekend, so I thought I would share a little more about the shoot.

I was contacted by a photographer in Glasgow, Bella, who was interested in shooting some fashion content. I was instantly super excited, as I really wanted new blog content- but of course with the weather being so horrendous recently (snow, wind, rain, ice) I was a little sceptical as to how we could take photos that weren’t ruined by the weather. However when Bella suggested shooting at Botanic Gardens (a place where there are multiple greenhouses with the most beautiful plants, flowers and trees) I was instantly excited again. Normally when it comes to photoshoots, I’m the model, therefore I am essentially the mannequin who is told what to do, but this shoot was different. I got to style myself, a long with hair and make up and Bella and I worked together on the concept which made it much better for me, creatively.

Annoyingly, it was snowing the day of the shoot- and when I say snowing, it was SNOWING. However, I have done photoshoots in -3 degrees Celsius before, so nothing was stopping me. We shot 3 different looks which really ended up looking amazing, and Bella and I are so happy with the results.

Red in a sea of green


As I have mentioned before- I really don’t wear a lot of colour. I don’t know why, but I am never really drawn in by bright colours, however if there is one colour I can’t resist, it’s a bright red. I fell in love with this dress from Missguided (similar), not only because of the colour but also because of the shape. I love a low cut dress that goes in at the waist- especially as I don’t have a lot going for me in the chest area- it looks way more flattering! I paired it with my mums vintage faux fur coat, mainly because I was freezing, but also because I just thought it looked so chic! I LOVE the result of these pictures- the red and green contrast makes me want to wear this outfit in a field of green everyday!

Black and denim


And now we are back to my signature black and denim combo. I just love this jacket I got from Zara last year (similar here). It is such a staple in any wardrobe because you can just throw it on with any old combination and it instantly pulls together an outfit. I am also obsessed with ‘mom’ jeans, but slim versions. Every blogger is wearing them right now, and there isn’t a version I don’t like.

An all black winner


And finally, another signature- all black. I love one shoulder tops, especially in the winter when you want to show a little skin but not freeze to death. I have talked about these trousers in my previous blog, but I just can’t get enough go them. They are super comfy, can be worn day or night and also have the most amazing little slit at the side, to again show a little skin.

I am so excited to shoot with Bella again and come up with some more content! If you want to check out her amazing work her Instagram is @bella_ivanovaa.

Thanks for reading!

Rachael x

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