“Congrats, you graduated! So what’s next?”

So its been a few weeks since I’ve graduated and as you can tell from my Instagram updates its been a whirlwind! I spent a couple of weeks in Spain with my friends and boyfriend and then got back in time to graduate! And now I have moved out of my flat in Dundee to stay with my family in Perth for a bit. The week of my graduation was one of the best weeks of my life- I had the most amazing celebrations with my friends and family but the week ended with a sudden hit by reality- I was then a graduate and needed to figure out what on earth I was going to do with my life.

I highlighted in an earlier post that I originally planned on doing a postgrad in fashion marketing (the degree I just completed was a business one) however I decided to not go ahead with that. So here comes the question of ‘what next?’. Im sure every graduate loathes this question but it is something we all have to think about. I have spent the last month in either a state of panic, confusion or excitement and so I thought I would share my thoughts as no doubt quite a few of you reading are in this position or will be at some point.

It is of course very easy to start overthinking and worrying about your future- all we hear about nowadays is that there is an increasing amount of competition for jobs, the price of living just continues to go up and if I see one more news article on how we will be renting the rest of ours lives I might scream! The pressure is immense so it is completely normal to be in a panic. However, here are some thoughts that have helped me gain a little bit more peace of mind.

Firstly, I, like many graduates, am young! I’m 22 and am in no rush to choose an exact career that I will be in in the rest of my life, I will probably have a few jobs before I find the right career path, so whats the rush now- I will get there in the end.

Secondly, you really can’t  plan life to a tee. As much as I would love to say that in 6 years time I will be at the top of my career, have my own house and have five dogs, it isn’t realistic. Furthermore, I can’t say whats going to happen in 6 months time, therefore how am I to know that in 6 years time my life will be all sorted? It is important to take things one step at a time- as long as I am happy and healthy and working towards one goal at a time, thats all that matters, eventually I will get my five dogs!

Thirdly, we need to believe in ourselves. Most of my friends and family with vouch for how hard I am on myself, but I really need to realise that I have already achieved a lot at a young age. If you, like me, have just graduated from uni, we have spent 3/4 years studying, passing exams and assignments etc and have gained a degree! So clearly we are capable of something! We just need to believe in ourselves!

So whats my plan? well… As you can probably guess, I want to work in fashion, however the industry is a big one. There are all kind of jobs in fashion, so I think my main focus is finding what kind of role I would like. I have some idea of what kind of job I would like (perhaps digital trading or digital marketing), however I think its a really good idea to take some time to think about it and see what is out there. I am currently applying for stylist jobs in Glasgow in the hope I will get to work with a cool brand in a nice shop, learning how the company works from the ground up! I will also be trying to gain some experience in digital marketing as well as looking at what other jobs I could look at in the industry. And of course I will be spending more time working on my blog. My blog was one of the main reasons I have decided to make a move (besides the fact that 10 years in a small city like Dundee was driving me crazy). I have received quite a few opportunities in Glasgow for my blog (a lot of you will probably think I live there because of the amount of work I have done there already), but the travelling from Dundee restricted my chance of gaining a lot more of these opportunities, so I am hoping that once I am there, I will be able to build my blog and brand a lot more. I am really excited about the next few months to see what I can do. Despite already facing a few people telling me to avoid the fashion industry, as apparently when you start out the jobs are rubbish, I feel like despite being only 22 I have already had my fair share of awful jobs (as in cry on my way to work and cry on my way back from work kind of jobs) so I am clearly prepared for that. In addition, I have wanted to work in fashion since I can remember (basically since my dreams of being a vet died when I realised I would have to deal with sick animals) so why should I let a few hesitations stop me? I can do anything I put my mind to, and I know my work ethic and passion will help me do so.

Basically what I am trying to say is that it is so easy to feel under pressure if you are in the same position as me, but why are we rushing or panicking? I think the key is to find something you love or are interested in (you don’t even need to know what that is right now either, you just need to explore) and know you will need to work hard, but the end result will be worth it! We have our whole lives ahead of us where we will learn lessons and make mistakes but thats what gets us to where we want to be! After all, its a marathon, not a sprint (credit to my dad)!

I hope anyone reading this who has felt the way I have the past few weeks finds a little more peace of mind in this blog, knowing that everyone is in the same boat. However, eventually and hopefully, we will all find out exactly where we are supposed to be.

All my love

Rachael x



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