My Barcelona Guide

Hey all!

I’m finally getting round to blogging again after starting a new job (actually 2 jobs) earlier on this year.

I wanted to start things off with my Barcelona Guide. Last month at the start of July, my sister and I went on a 3-day city break to Barcelona! It was the most amazing trip mixed with both relaxation and lots of sightseeing. We arrived at our hotel around 10pm Sunday night and then headed back to Scotland at 9pm Wednesday night.

What we did:


 On the first day, we were keen to do some sightseeing, especially as the weather was a bit cloudy. We firstly headed off to Brunch & Cake for brunch (possibly the most instagramable café we came across) before heading to our first stop, the Sagrada Familia. To get about we got ourselves a 3-day metro pass for around £30 each. This was the best decision ever as the metro can get you anywhere in Barcelona and it is really easy to use (I’d recommend just buying your ticket at the station as opposed to online as it is slightly cheaper).

The Sagrada Familia was as amazing as you’d expect. With it being ‘peak tourist season’ it was super busy so to get a good view (and a good pic) I’d say go to the park that is a bit further in front of the building (you’ll see what I mean).


Then we went to a café to have some Fanta Lemon and Patatas Bravas (perfect combo) and headed back on the metro to a food market called ‘La Boqueria’. There was everything from smoothies to meat to churros to fruit cups. I have never felt so hungry in my life! We got some churros and a smoothie and then headed back on the metro to our hotel.

In the evening, we headed to ‘El Nacional Barra de Vins’ which is a massive beautiful building filled with bars and restaurants. We had some wine and cheese followed by a vegetable tart and then went for cocktails before heading home.



 On Tuesday, we got the metro early to the beach. We went to La Barceloneta which is the main beach in Barcelona with lots of bars and restaurants around. The beach is really busy, so if you aren’t keen on that I’d try and find a quieter one, but we were quite happy chilling there most of the day!


In the evening, we planned to go to a cool rooftop bar but it was fully booked so we had to find an alternative plan. We happened to stumble across the most amazing little restaurant called ‘Bristol Gastropub’. The food was amazing and we were actually really happy we didn’t get into the bar as we wouldn’t have found that hidden gem!


 On the last day, my sister told me we were going to a park called Park Guell. I packed my book and a throw to lie on thinking we were going to a nice green park to chill… however it happened to be a full-blown hike up the side of what looked like a mountain (I was also wearing my very pretty but completely impractical sandals)! It was about 30 degrees when we arrived and the walk was hard but the views were truly amazing! I’d definitely recommend going, but when it’s less hot and wear some trainers!

We then got some food and headed back to the hotel before heading on the plane home.


 We managed to get a really good deal for our hotel and flights on We stayed at a hotel called Sunotel Central. It was a perfectly lovely hotel in a really good location and not too expensive!

I couldn’t recommend Barcelona enough. It’s one of those cities that really grows on you and is just super cool!Let me know if you have any questions about Barcelona and if you are going soon – enjoy!

All my love,

Rachael x



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