My mum has taught me every trick in the book, and my gosh am I thankful.

As you can tell from the image above, my mum knows a thing or two about beauty – she really is the most beautiful person (inside and out) with gorgeous skin I can only hope of having when I am her age. Thanks to my mum, I now work in the beauty industry and have qualified as a facialist thanks to her encouragement. I am absolutely obsessed with beauty, but ironically, this hasn’t always been the case. When I was an early teenager, I refused to use anything on my face other than a face wipe – honestly the thought gives me a funny feeling in my tummy now. My mum, a beauty therapist lecturer, would come home from work with the most wonderful products from Dermalogica and Murad and I would refuse to use them – I kick myself because now I would love to be given such amazing free products to use!

My mum has been wonderful at teaching me beauty tips, but has never pushed or pressured me which means I now appreciate them all and incorporate them into my day-to-day life. Here’s everything I have learned from her:


Every morning and every evening – and in the evening cleanse twice to make sure all make up is removed. Like I said, my make up was normally removed using wipes (or micellar water) and that was my skincare routine. I have learned that no matter how tired I am, or how much I cannot be bothered, always cleanse and make sure every bit of make-up is removed before heading to bed.

Don’t touch your face!

Being prone to breakouts means I found myself poking and prodding at spots – to be fair I still do! I remember squeezing spots when I was younger and then trying to hide it from my mum as she could obviously tell! Anyway, we all know the importance of not touching spots and avoiding touching the face – it’s a sure fire way to spread bacteria and cause more spots – so don’t do it!

Drink lots of water

This one is pretty self explanatory – my mum always tells us (my brother, sister and I) about how important drinking water is for our skin – it keeps our skin elastic, plump and more radiant. I now have a water bottle basically surgically attached to me wherever I go…

Less is more

My mum is a fan of an ‘au natural’ look, and so am I. When it comes to skincare, dressing and make-up, less is always more and it’s something I swear by. When I am doing my make-up and I think of adding that bit more, I stop. Mainly because I know that a natural look suits me way more than a full beat, but also because I love the way my mum does her make-up. Neutral tones with pink, bronze and browns are our go-to’s.

Spend your money on good products

If I think about the amount of money I have spent on rubbish products looking for quick fixes… actually I don’t want to know. Mum has taught me to spend my money on products I know are good and to be patient with them. She swears by products from Dermalogica, Ren, Murad, Caudalie, Beauty Pie, Kate Somerville and La-Roche Posay… these are all amazing brands but they are that bit pricier than your classic drugstore brands. Definitely worth the money though. If there is any advice I would give to my younger self it is to save up the money I would spend on those harsh scrubs (St.Ives… gosh no), and cheap cleansers that promised to clear my skin in 7 days and just buy one good product.


I think this is probably the most drilled in beauty tip from my mum, and I’m sure my brother and sister will agree. Mum has always made us weary about skin damage from the sun. She is so unbelievably vigilant with SPF on holidays and always wears fabulous hats to shade her face. When we went on family holidays when we were young, we were told to wear hats, top up our SPF every couple hours and we were always, ALWAYS, kept out of the midday sun. As soon as it hit 12pm, we were in the shade – no questions asked. Now I am super careful when it comes to skin damage – I’ve never been on a sunbed and I wear SPF50 everyday. Sun damage can cause ageing, dark spots and in some cases even skin cancer, so it’s super important to be vigilant. I’m hoping I still look 30 when I’m 50 thanks to my efforts!

Thank you my gorgeous mamma, I love you!!! Also, I blame you for the amount of money I spend on products every month…

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