SPF is a hot topic right now – here’s my top tips when it comes to protecting our skin from the sun and my recommended products.

The summer sun has finally made an appearance and hopefully, it’s here to stay. Whilst we should be wearing SPF all year round, it’s even more important to make sure you’re protected during the summer months. Our skin is exposed to UVB ray (the rays that cause burning), and UVA (the deeply penetrating rays responsible for ageing) all year round, but even more-so in the summer when our skin is exposed to more sun. I have been a big advocate for SPF (mainly thanks to my mum) for years and am aware that the benefits of me wearing SPF on my face everyday will really payoff in the long run. Furthermore, I never use sun-beds and try and stay out of the sun in general – I want to have healthy, young-looking skin for as long as possible!

A good face SPF will block the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays emitted from the sun, which are detrimental to the collagen and elasticity levels in our skin. These rays can also increase the chances of pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, as well as your risk of skin cancer, so it is super important to be wearing your sunblock everyday.

What SPF should we use for our face?

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, SPF 30 blocks nearly 97% of UVB radiation while SPF 50 blocks about 98% meaning, SPF 50 is the best facial SPF… but only slightly. It is important to not use a body sunscreen on our faces as well – it is a lot thicker than a facial one which can lead to clogged pores and breakouts.

I really recommend avoiding moisturisers with SPF in them and just using them as separate products – you don’t get the same protection from a moisturiser/foundation with SPF built in.

How often should you apply SPF?

SPF should be applied as the last step in your skincare routine in the morning. If I am spending a lot of time outside during the day in the sun, I will apply every 3 hours afterwards to make sure my skin is fully protected.

My facial SPF recommendations:

Facial SPF’s have historically been known for being sticky, greasy and spot-inducing, but today, the best face SPFs are anything but. Here are a few of my favourite, lightweight SPF’s.

La Roche-Posay Spf 50

This SPF is a very lightweight cream that glides on the skin without leaving that dreaded white cast. It is also not greasy, and goes on perfect under make-up, so a great option if you wear make-up every day!

Heliocare 360 Water Gel SPF

This is my favourite SPF that I am wearing every day right now – and quite a lot of my friends and family are too. It is hydrating, has no white cast and doesn’t clog pores – winner!

Ambre Solaire Super UV Anti Dark Spots & Anti Pollution Face Fluid SPF50+

This lightweight formula offers very high SPF protection to help prevent sun induced dark spots, while protecting skin from pollution induced oxidative stress. It’s non-comedogenic, lightweight and very reasonably priced.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Sun Protection Face Mist

For those looking for an SPF to apply easily throughout the day – this is perfect! The invisible spray immediately absorbs with an ultra-dry finish. It doesn’t leave any white marks and is water-resistant too. Furthermore, it can be worn under or on-top of make up.


These include some things I wish I knew 10 years ago…

I just turned 25 (yay) and whilst I may still be young, I feel like I have learned a lot in my 25 years.

  1. You create your own happiness, it doesn’t just ‘happen’.
  2. Focus on quality not quantity when it comes to friends.
  3. Trust your gut – you will most likely be right and if not think about why your gut was telling you otherwise.
  4. Always be kinder than you feel.
  5. Spend your money on good quality things.
  6. Save!!!! At University I always made the point of saving as little as £5 a week and it added up!
  7. Never feel pressured into doing anything – if your friends are pressuring you into doing something you don’t want to do, they aren’t your friends.
  8. Make a vision board every year of your life.
  9. You can’t please everyone, so don’t waste time trying to do so.
  10. Think before you spend (still working on this)!
  11. There’s no such thing as ‘perfect skin’.
  12. Putting yourself first isn’t selfish.
  13. Communicate, communicate, communicate.
  14. Don’t procrastinate, just get it done! You will need to do it at some point so might as well do it before it stresses you out.
  15. If something isn’t making you happy – walk away. Life is too short!
  16. Embrace those things you are self-conscious about, they are what make you unique (my height is mine).
  17. You often learn a lot more from failures than from successes – it’s perfectly okay and normal to fail.
  18. It may be hard, but try your best to forgive people – life is too short to hold grudges and it isn’t fun to have negative energy between you and another person.
  19. There is more than one way to be ‘clever’, it doesn’t just depend on your school grades. I have met a lot of people who got straight A’s at school but have little emotional intelligence. Everyone is intelligent in their own way.
  20. Look after your teeth!
  21. Despite what you may see, you never know what someone is going through.
  22. Don’t rush something you want to last forever.
  23. You will never regret exercising and looking after your health.
  24. You attract what you put out – if you have a negative attitude, it is most likely you will attract negative things into your life.
  25. Look after your mental health, and talk about it with friends and family! It is SO important.


From picking my course to training to assessments… here’s how I qualified.

I have been fascinated by the skin for quite a while now and really wanted to find a way to learn more, in a professional setting. I then realised, after speaking to my beauty therapist mother, that I could indeed do just that whilst also learning how to become a facialist! I am now qualified with a Level 2 VTCT in Skincare and Facial Massage and also have a qualification in Facial Electrical Treatments. This is something I have worked really hard at and was very time consuming on top of a full time job but it was so worth it!

Here’s how I did it…

Level 2 VTCT Skincare and Facial Massage

Obviously working Monday-Friday meant that I needed to find a course that would fit flexibly to my schedule so I started researching weekend courses and focused on London with me being based here right now. I stumbled across the London School of Beauty and Makeup (LSBM) where I saw they offered a 6 week course in skincare and facial massage that took place on weekends – perfect! The one downside I’d say was that it was very expensive… £995 to be exact, so I took a little while to think about it and figured I could make that money back when I started offering facials, so applied and was booked onto the course!

I turned up on the first day and we were thrown straight into the deep-end with anatomy and physiology lessons and learning the basics of a facial – I didn’t expect it but of course, we only had 6 weeks to learn everything! We learned all about Health & Safety in the salon, skincare, anatomy and physiology and of course how to do a facial! The facial itself consists of cleanse – skin analysis – deep cleanse – steam – extractions – exfoliate – facial massage – mask – moisturise. It was intense!

In order to pass the qualification, we had to pass a Health & Safety exam, a Covid-compliant exam, an Anatomy & Physiology Exam, a skincare exam and 3 practical exams. This meant that a lot of my spare time for those 6 weeks involved studying, researching and also practising my facial massage. I won’t lie – it was stressful, but it was so worth it! I absolutely loved the course and felt completely in my element. 6 weeks later I passed and became qualified… woo!

Facial Electrical Treatments

As I loved my Skincare and Facial Massage course, I was really keen to then do my facial electrical treatments course. My lovely lecturer from my LSBM course, Carol, has her own training school where she teaches facial electrics, and because I had such a lovely experience with her, I decided to book onto her course with my friend, Debbie. This course meant that in the space of a day I learned how to do Microcurrent, Galvanic and High-Frequency treatments. You may be wondering what these are so I’ll explain them:

Microcurrent Facial – A microcurrent facial uses low-voltage electricity to stimulate the facial muscles – it’s almost like a “workout” for the face. The goal is to encourage the muscles to look more defined, growth of Adenosine triphosphate (a molecular unit which prevents ageing), and collagen development.

Galvanic Facial – Galvanic is great for most skin types, whether oily, normal, or dry. It boosts the effectiveness of any skin treatment, and because water-soluble substances are presented to the skin, it increases the skin’s ability to absorb, allowing the active ingredients of the facial as well as skin products to penetrate deeper. This is especially great if you have very dry skin, or ageing skin and want to reap the benefits of your skincare routine.

High Frequency Facial – High Frequency is an electrical current and radio frequency used to stimulate, sanitise and heal the skin. The High Frequency current generates warmth in the skin and stimulates nerve endings. This in turn increases blood circulation and encourages healthy cell function and promotes skin healing. It also has germicidal and bacterial effect which can help eliminate and prevent acne.

This meant I covered all bases when it came to facials that tackle ageing skin, dry skin and acne-prone skin. Again it was an intense day that involved an exam at the end, but it was so much fun geeking out with the facial machines and learning how to do them – especially as I have had all those treatments myself before!

So, what’s next?

I am planning on offering at-home facials very soon in London! Keep an eye on my facial page for any updates.


If you have ever thought about doing a similar course, I would really recommend you go for it! I have linked the courses below and if you have any questions, leave it in the comments and I will answer!

VTCT Level 2 Facial Massage & Skincare

Red Bard Training Facial Electrical Treatments


Skincare can be a minefield… one which can encourage you to spend hundreds of pounds on products you do not need. I’ve whittled down my favourite skincare products that are under £20 and are really very great.

CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser

This cleanser is one of the few cleansers I have found that lives up to the hype. It is super hydrating and properly cleans the skin without stripping it of its natural moisture.

Beauty Bay Blemish Paste

If you like to dry out your spots, this one is for you. I have found this paste is great for pustules (spots with whiteheads) and dries them out literally overnight. It contains salicylic acid which is great for tackling angry, red spots.

Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre

A cult classic – I am obsessed. This is a hydrating, 5-1 cream which works as a moisturiser, primer, cleanser, hydrating mask and after-shave product. It is a really hydrating cream that grips make-up so well. Also… who doesn’t love a multi-functional product?

Nuxe Lip Balm

Is there anything worse than dry lips? Nuxe Honey Lip Balm is one of the best lip balms I have found that hydrates lips and keeps them hydrated – who knew it was such a challenge?

La Roche-Posay Spf 50

I bang on about the importance of SPF, so of course I had to include one. This SPF is a very lightweight cream that glides on the skin without leaving that dreaded white cast. It is also not greasy, which is perfect for the face!

The Ordinary Salicylic Acid Mask

I love a good clay mask to pull out any impurities in the pores. This mask often sells out (and for good reason), as it is super effective and a great price. It also contains salicylic acid, so is great for those who are prone to blackheads and breakouts.


Our skin barrier has a major impact on our overall skin health – so here’s how to look after it.

The skin barrier is a watertight seal that keeps the outermost layers of skin smoothly together. When these outer layers are healthy your skin will feel soft and look supple and plump. However, if these outer layers are damaged, skin may look dull and feel rough, sensitive or dry.

Our skin barrier’s can weaken as a result of ageing and genetics as well as external contributors, like over-cleansing, harsh products, stress and UV exposure. The ‘stress’ hormone, cortisol, can weaken the skin barrier and cause water to leak out of cells, dehydrating the skin and causing dullness, fine lines and sensitive skin.

Not surprisingly, a damaged skin barrier also makes it difficult to repair signs of ageing and post-breakout marks, so it’s super important to protect it!

How to take care of your skin barrier:

  • Always use lukewarm water – water that is too hot or cold can irritate skin.
  • Use products with ceramides in them – ceramides are your best option for strengthening the skin barrier. The best way to think of ceramides is by imagining skin cells as the bricks and ceramides as the mortar in between, sealing in moisture.
  • Use a gentle, leave-on exfoliant as opposed to harsh scrubs.
  • Use fragrance-free skincare products. Fragrance makes skin more sensitive and can rob it of the replenishing ingredients and skin-barrier-repairing ingredients that it needs to stay healthy.
  • Don’t overdo it when using active ingredients like AHA, BHA or retinol. If you are noticing your skin barrier is rather weak, avoid products that have active acids, like salicylic acid for example. They strip the skin of its natural oils, leaving the barrier dry, exposed and susceptible to irritation. 
  • Use SPF everyday. Sun exposure is one of the major causes of a damaged skin barrier so use a broad spectrum SPF of 30 or greater.

My favourite protective products:

Cerave Hydrating Cleanser

This gorgeous, hydrating cleanser contains 3 essential Ceramides – 1, 3 and 6-II – which work to cleanse the skin, ensuring not to strip away vital moisture.

Vichy Mineral 89

I am obsessed with this product – no wonder there is so much hype around it. Fortified with only 11 ingredients, including Hyaluronic Acid and 89% Vichy Thermal Mineralising Water, the fresh, light gel-like formula strengthens the skin’s barrier to defend against environmental aggressors.

Beauty Pie Japanfusion Bio-Ceramide Mask

This repairing mask contains Yuzu Ceramides (5%) which contribute to the skin-barrier function, helping skin appear smoother, stronger, more luminous and elastic.

Heliocare 360 Water Gel SPF

This is my favourite SPF. It is hydrating, has no white cast and doesn’t clog pores. It is of course very protective too.

Embryolisse Lait-Creme Sensitive

My favourite moisturiser/primer without the fragrance! This product is perfect for all skin types and if you find your skin is irritable, then this should be your new go-to!


I have found some new beauty gems and I need to share them…

Okay, so a few of these finds are probably not ‘new products’ per say, but I have newly discovered them and boy, am I glad. I spend a lot of money on beauty (too much money), but at least it means I can share with you all – I like to say that I spend all my money trying products so you don’t have to! Let’s get stuck in…

Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Treatment

The gorgeous citrusy scent, glossy finish and hydrating ability does it for me. I could honestly reapply this all day and never get bored. It also makes a great little pre-zoom pick-me-up!

Dr.Jart+ Cicapair

Unless you have been living under a rock recently, you will have most likely seen this baby popping up everywhere. Is it worth the hype? Absolutely. This product is so great if you have red marks/pigmentation or are just looking for some light coverage on your face. It is a green coloured cream when you apply to the face but when you start blending, it blends to your skin tone! It’s magical. I normally just dot it all over my face and blend in with my fingers.

Maybelline Sensational Sky High Mascara

£10 and probably one of the best mascaras I have ever used. It doesn’t clump and really does make your lashes look long and bold without being too OTT. Highly recommend!

Glossier Stretch Concealer

I really wanted to try this for ages as I read such great things and no wonder! It has the creamiest, blendable texture and really does stretch like it says it does. I love how buildable it is as well, so it doesn’t matter what kind of coverage you like, this concealer has you covered.

Olaplex No3 Hair Perfector

Okay, I realise I am very late to the party on this one, but in all fairness I have never really been into haircare so this is new for me. I really wanted a product to give my hair a little TLC so of course bought this and gosh it’s good. I noticed my hair looks healthier and shinier within one use! I leave it on damp hair for 30 minutes and then rinse out.

Apparently it is great for strengthening hair, so will see what happens after mores uses!

Have you found any new beauty treasures recently? Let me know in the comments!


We are finally into spring – thank goodness! Here are some of my spring beauty must-haves…

I absolutely love spring – the gorgeous flowers, lighter evenings and more sun – and with the change in season, comes a change in my beauty routine. Often I incorporate pink tones into my make-up and lose the bronze/brown tones, I swap matte looks for a dewy glow and like to wear fresh fragrances.

Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick, Bitch Perfect

The perfect spring pink to add a pop of freshness to any makeup look.

Glossier Futuredew

The holy-grail beauty product for that dewy glow! Pop it on before you apply your makeup and you will most definitely notice a different in your complexion! It is also non-comedogenic so won’t clog up your pores.

Glossier Cloud Paint, Puff

I love a liquid blush in spring/summer as I think it gives you more of a natural glow. I normally apply this to the apple of my cheeks and eyebrow bones to add that pop of pink.

Gisou Hair Oil

The ultimate hair product- not only is it nourishing and protecting but it smells gorgeous! I looove running it through my locks and my hair instantly looks swishy and shiny.

Beauty Pie Sheer Tinted SPF 20

I basically wear this all Spring/Summer long! It’s got a lovely light coverage and then I top up any problem areas with concealer. It blurs imperfections and gives a gorgeous glow!

Essie Fiji Nail Polish

I love a blush pink nail – you can never go wrong!! Essie is one of my favourite polish brands as it is affordable and really great quality. Fiji is a gorgeous colour that I go to all the time.

Estee Lauder Beautiful Magnolia

I received a tester of this fragrance this week and oh my days, it’s gorgeous! It’s elegant, fresh and floral… the perfect Spring fragrance that blend seamlessly into Summer. I will be buying the full size for sure!

Leave your spring beauty essentials in the comments – would love to know!


My mum has taught me every trick in the book, and my gosh am I thankful.

As you can tell from the image above, my mum knows a thing or two about beauty – she really is the most beautiful person (inside and out) with gorgeous skin I can only hope of having when I am her age. Thanks to my mum, I now work in the beauty industry and have qualified as a facialist thanks to her encouragement. I am absolutely obsessed with beauty, but ironically, this hasn’t always been the case. When I was an early teenager, I refused to use anything on my face other than a face wipe – honestly the thought gives me a funny feeling in my tummy now. My mum, a beauty therapist lecturer, would come home from work with the most wonderful products from Dermalogica and Murad and I would refuse to use them – I kick myself because now I would love to be given such amazing free products to use!

My mum has been wonderful at teaching me beauty tips, but has never pushed or pressured me which means I now appreciate them all and incorporate them into my day-to-day life. Here’s everything I have learned from her:


Every morning and every evening – and in the evening cleanse twice to make sure all make up is removed. Like I said, my make up was normally removed using wipes (or micellar water) and that was my skincare routine. I have learned that no matter how tired I am, or how much I cannot be bothered, always cleanse and make sure every bit of make-up is removed before heading to bed.

Don’t touch your face!

Being prone to breakouts means I found myself poking and prodding at spots – to be fair I still do! I remember squeezing spots when I was younger and then trying to hide it from my mum as she could obviously tell! Anyway, we all know the importance of not touching spots and avoiding touching the face – it’s a sure fire way to spread bacteria and cause more spots – so don’t do it!

Drink lots of water

This one is pretty self explanatory – my mum always tells us (my brother, sister and I) about how important drinking water is for our skin – it keeps our skin elastic, plump and more radiant. I now have a water bottle basically surgically attached to me wherever I go…

Less is more

My mum is a fan of an ‘au natural’ look, and so am I. When it comes to skincare, dressing and make-up, less is always more and it’s something I swear by. When I am doing my make-up and I think of adding that bit more, I stop. Mainly because I know that a natural look suits me way more than a full beat, but also because I love the way my mum does her make-up. Neutral tones with pink, bronze and browns are our go-to’s.

Spend your money on good products

If I think about the amount of money I have spent on rubbish products looking for quick fixes… actually I don’t want to know. Mum has taught me to spend my money on products I know are good and to be patient with them. She swears by products from Dermalogica, Ren, Murad, Caudalie, Beauty Pie, Kate Somerville and La-Roche Posay… these are all amazing brands but they are that bit pricier than your classic drugstore brands. Definitely worth the money though. If there is any advice I would give to my younger self it is to save up the money I would spend on those harsh scrubs (St.Ives… gosh no), and cheap cleansers that promised to clear my skin in 7 days and just buy one good product.


I think this is probably the most drilled in beauty tip from my mum, and I’m sure my brother and sister will agree. Mum has always made us weary about skin damage from the sun. She is so unbelievably vigilant with SPF on holidays and always wears fabulous hats to shade her face. When we went on family holidays when we were young, we were told to wear hats, top up our SPF every couple hours and we were always, ALWAYS, kept out of the midday sun. As soon as it hit 12pm, we were in the shade – no questions asked. Now I am super careful when it comes to skin damage – I’ve never been on a sunbed and I wear SPF50 everyday. Sun damage can cause ageing, dark spots and in some cases even skin cancer, so it’s super important to be vigilant. I’m hoping I still look 30 when I’m 50 thanks to my efforts!

Thank you my gorgeous mamma, I love you!!! Also, I blame you for the amount of money I spend on products every month…


Vitamin C is one of the most beneficial ingredients to add to your everyday skincare routine… So how do you use it?

I feel like I am seeing more and more people talk about Vitamin C in their skincare and there’s definitely a reason for it! Vitamin C, otherwise known as ascorbic acid, has many proven skincare benefits such as diminishing acne scars, reducing signs of ageing, evening out skin tone, hydrating skin, and protecting it from pollution. I’m going to run through them all and explain the best way to use Vitamin C.

How does Vitamin C benefit the skin?

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that fights against free radicals which cause ageing and a handful of skin issues like breakouts, dark spots and ageing. How does it do this? Vitamin C is a known brightener and using it regularly has the ability to even out skin tone and reduce the sign of scarring, pigmentation and fine lines. It also helps stimulate collagen production which helps skin stay firm and plump and look less ageing. Furthermore, it reduces inflammation, so if your skin is prone to breakouts, Vitamin C can make spots less angry.

How should you use Vitamin C?

The component features in countless face masks, toners, mists and moisturisers, however the most efficient way to deliver it directly to your skin for the best results is via a potent, targeted serum. It’s a selfish little molecule which likes to be used on its own!

How can you incorporate it into your skincare routine?

While Vitamin C can be used in the morning or evening, as it’s an antioxidant, it makes more sense to apply it during the day, so I normally use it in the morning. It acts as a shield to deflect pollution and other environmental aggressors. After cleansing, toning and exfoliating, apply the rest of your products in order from thinnest to thickest texture (e.g. vitamin c serum, moisturiser, treatments). During the day, always finish with SPF.

There are some studies that show Vitamin C should not be mixed with Niacinamide, but more recently, some studies show that they can be used together. For now, I am avoiding mixing until there are clearer signs indicating I can indeed use them together (this is because I am having some skin issues right now with bad breakouts), but it is up to you! The only concern is that they will both counteract their effectiveness but it won’t damage your skin if you use them together.

My favourite Vitamin C Serum

La Roche-Posay Pure Vitamin C10 Serum 30ml

Chances are if you have researched Vitamin C serums – this will have popped up more than once. I truly love it – it is a little pricey, but so worth it!

This serum is known for leaving skin feeling softer, more hydrated and glowing. It contains pure Vitamin C to brighten skin while Hyaluronic Acid plumps skin with moisture to soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also contains Salicylic Acid to gently exfoliate away dead skin for a brighter, more even tone and texture. Whether you are suffering from scarring, acne, wrinkles or dull skin – it has you covered!


2020 was a year of lounging on the sofa with chocolate, and I have zero regrets about it. However I knew it was time to get back ‘on it’ and this is how I did it…

I don’t think I’m the only one that found 2020 hard in terms of exercising enough. Not having access to a gym and also being constrained to my London flat for the majority of the year didn’t do me much good and I found myself getting lazier and lazier by the day. I really don’t give myself a hard time about it, it was a tough, very different year and I was out of my normal routine, but I did start to notice by the end of the year my mental health started to take a hit and my energy levels were really low. I knew a lot of this was down to my days consisting of rolling out of my bed, heading to my desk then heading back to my bed or the sofa, so it was time to get moving again!

I’ve always been fairly active – in fact pre-lockdown I had started with a personal trainer and was starting to feeling really fit and strong! A big problem I have had with exercise is the fact that I get bored – very easily. I also find it hard to put a workout together or to figure out how to do a good workout that would benefit me. However, recently I have taken up two different types of exercise I never thought I would – dancing and pilates.

I used to dance when I was little, but to be honest, I wasn’t very good. I have always been very lanky with no coordination and get self conscious in front of people, but a couple of years ago I started going to a Zumba class and really enjoyed it – I also found myself not caring about what people thought about me. I loooove following a routine – it almost takes my mind of working out and by the time I’ve finished I’ve had a great workout and moved every part of my body! When lockdown hit, I took to following YouTube dance workouts and loved it equally as much. After a couple years, I know that I still look like a drunk giraffe when dancing, but do I care? Absolutely not.

Secondly, pilates came into my life only recently, but I just love it. It’s slow and controlled which means I am again focusing on the movement and not on the pain – ha! I also really enjoy feeling the burn and knowing my body is getting stronger. Pilates also involves a lot of focusing on breathing and stretching, which I find helps with my mind too.

Overall, I’d say the biggest thing I’ve learned is to try everything and see what you enjoy. I always used to think running and doing weights was the only way to exercise – never did I imagine myself dancing and doing pilates, but there we go! It’s also really important to start slow. Originally I started working out twice a week and am building back up slowly. If I’m tired, I rest or if I’m feeling low and don’t feel like it, I just stretch and do some breathing. I never push myself too far so that I resent working out – I always want to enjoy it!

Here are some of my favourite videos and platforms to use:

I love Pamela Reif’s dance workouts (actually all of her workouts are great). Quick, effective and easy to follow!

MadFit’s dance workouts are so fab – her music choice is spot on.

Melissa Wood Health App is a perfect place to start with pilates – £7.46 a month.

My favourite celebrity trainer to follow, Megan Roup, has an app called The Sculpt Society, which I think might be my favourite app right now. It has both dance and pilates workouts as well as breathing exercises, stretching and sculpting. Really it’s a dream – £14.87 a month.

If you are looking for free pilates workouts – Blogilates on YouTube is great.

Leave your favourite workouts in the comments!