White Rabbit Skincare


I hope you are all good and are enjoying coming out of lock down slowly but surely.

I wanted to write a post about White Rabbit Skincare, as I have been using it for a while now and get lots of questions regarding it. It’s such a fab brand, which I am proud to be an ambassador for, so I thought I would talk you through my favourite products from the collection.

Before I get into the products, here is a little more information on White Rabbit Skincare…

White Rabbit Skincare is a gorgeous, natural, cruelty free, vegan-friendly skincare range that is hand crafted in Scotland. It was created by founder, Melanie, who believes in harnessing the therapeutic aspect of essential oils, base oils, butters and waxes to help to nourish and nurture the skin. All the products don’t contain any nasties such as Parabens, SLS, Silicones, Mineral oils or derivatives of petrochemicals, artificial fragrances, artificial colours, or anything else confusing and synthetic. I have always been really interested in trying natural skin products as I have very reactive skin so don’t really like using products with ingredients I can’t pronounce! I also suffer from acne and breakouts so I like to know what I am putting on my skin every day so I can monitor it, and I feel natural products help me do so.

Another fab thing about White Rabbit Skincare products is that they are 99% plastic free, and aiming for 100% soon. You can also recycle your packaging with them and get 50p off your next purchase if you do so.

Now lets get into my favourite products…

First up is the cleansing balm. Not only does this product smell divine, it feels so luxurious on the skin. You only need a small amount to take all the make up/oils/whatever is on your face off. I love cleansing this into my face every evening and then washing it off with warm water and a muslin cloth. I really feel like it leaves my skin fresh and clean and it isn’t too harsh.

This toner is super refreshing and just a delight to spritz on my face. I love the fact you can just spray it on without the need to use a cotton pad. It feels really calming and smells incredible! I also find that on warm days, if I pop it in the fridge, I can spritz it on my face throughout the day to keep cool.

I have completely ignored eye cream and only started using it recently – but I am already seeing results with this one! I always find the skin around my eyes is really sensitive, however this product doesn’t irritate it at all. It is super hydrating and does the job perfectly.

The scent of this moisturiser is just incredible – and knowing that it is all natural makes it even better! Again, as I have said before I have quite reactive skin, so this calming cream is such a fab addition to my skincare routine. I love putting it on in the evening and waking up to hydrated and glowing skin!

And that’s it! These are a few of my favourite products from the range which I think are really worth giving a go as they should fit into every skin types routine. I also have a discount code ‘RACHAEL20’ which you can use at the checkout to get some money off if you want to give anything a go!

Let me know if you have any other questions or end up purchasing a product!

Take care,

Rachael x

*full disclosure, I am an ambassador for the brand and get products kindly gifted to try – these are a few of my favourite ones which I genuinely enjoy using*

Recent Beauty Buys


I hope you are all keeping well and not going too crazy in lock-down! Hopefully not too much longer to go… Anyway, I don’t think I’m the only one who is enjoying online shopping and taking advantage of those extra pennies saved from not leaving the house. I have been investing in some beauty products and tools that I have been wanting for a while now so thought I would share them and what my thoughts are on them. Here we go…

*Before I start please note I use affiliate links *

Soap Brows

West Barn Co - Soap Brows

I’ve been wanting to try this for a while and finally got my hands on it. I really like it – it keeps my eyebrows put and helps create the ‘feather brow’ look I’ve lusted after for ages. However, after purchasing I was told by a few people that apparently using Pears Soap (79p) and an eyebrow brush, you can get the same effect, so you might as well save your money!

Maybelline Tattoo Brow

This is a great way to tint your brows whilst we can’t get to a salon (I’m really missing my brow appointments). You can leave the product on your eyebrows for 2 hours then peel it off and it will leave a semi-permanent tint for 3 days. I was really impressed by this product and do recommend it if you are missing those filled brows!

The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution

AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution - 30ml

After seeing this all over social media (and my bestie, Chani, recommending it), I had to order this. It came super quickly and my goodness it’s good. It’s an exfoliating mask that unclogs pores and resurfaces the skin. Although the dark red colour can be off-putting, I noticed results straight away – petal soft skin in minutes.

(If you aren’t used to using acids or have sensitive skin, I wouldn’t recommend using this as it is quite harsh!)

Revolution Targeted Blemish Serum 2% Salicylic Acid

Revolution Skincare - Targeted Blemish Serum 2% Salicylic Acid

Is it just me or has your skin been breaking out like mad recently? I feel like I’m really struggling to control it! I decided to get some Salicylic Acid (the best acid for fighting blemishes) to try and target my nasty spots and this serum has worked well so far. I’ve been putting it all over my face after cleansing and my spots have reduced a little (touch wood).

Microfiber Hair Towel Wraps

Such a simple purchase but they have been a game-changer for my hair. Gone are the days of wrapping my hair in a heavy towel after a shower and hello to these light-weight pretty hair towels. I got this pack of 3 from Amazon and am so glad I have discovered them – I also think they absorb more water than a regular towel too!

Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

I’m ashamed I hadn’t discovered these earlier, but at least I’ve got them now! Cotton wool is obviously not very environmentally friendly so these reusable ones are a great alternative! Every week I will pop them in the wee bag they come with and put them in the washing machine!

Electric Foot File

Those with a foot phobia, I would probably skip this part! I hate hard skin on my feet – it’s not pretty, nor does it feel nice. I have tried countless callus and hard skin remover tools but this has by far been the best one I have tried! It’s a wee electric machine with 2 different speed settings and 3 different heads: 1 fine roller for daily foot care; 1 regular roller for remove dead skin; and 1 coarse roller for troublesome crack callus. I used the coarse roller first and it removed all the hard skin within seconds and has left my feet feeling so so soft. It has definitely made me miss pedicures a lot less!

That’s all for now but no doubt I will find some more products to spend my money on…

Take care and lots of love,

Rachael x

My Beauty Pie Review


So this weeks blog is something I have been wanting to write for a while now as a compulsive beauty hoarder.

As soon as I see a new beauty brand on the market, a must-have product or a new acid or retinol, I need to have it. This often means I end up buying whatever it is, but consequently leaves me with no money left for food at the end of the month. This is the beauty of Beauty Pie – AFFORDABLE, luxury beauty products that won’t break the bank but still expose you to all the amazing products out there.

The low-down on Beauty Pie

Beauty Pie is a ‘luxury beauty buyers club’ where you can get high-end beauty products at a fraction of the price… as long as you pay a monthly membership. Each membership has a corresponding monthly spending limit based on typical prices.
You can pay £5, £10, £20 a month or £99 a year in order to join and you get the following:

I realise that may seem confusing so here is an example:

I pay £10 a month, therefore I get my £100 spending limit a month. I could then buy a moisturiser that is £10 (normally worth £60) and a cleanser that is £8 (normally worth £40) and therefore spend £28 (including my membership) for two products that would cost £100 (my monthly spending limit). Make sense?

Also if you don’t use up your full membership allowance one month, it rolls over into the next month and so on… Beauty Pie create these great products at such a low prices by cutting out the ‘middle-men’, shop costs and expensive marketing.

So is it worth it?


Firstly, I think in total I have saved around £400-£500 in the last year or so, which really does make me feel so much better about my product hoarding issues.

Secondly and most importantly – the products are amazing!! I have found so many products that I buy regularly and swear by, so I thought I would share them below.

My favourite Beauty Pie products:

This is an incredible cleanser for removing make-up and gently cleansing my skin! If you have quite sensitive skin and wear make-up regulary, this is perfect for you.

This is literally a facial in a bottle… or tube? It contains my all time favourite acid, salicylic acid, which helps unclog pores and prevent blemishes.

If you don’t use retinol, begin to use it! It’s amazing for brightening and smoothing out the skins texture. Just make sure you use an spf daily as well as retinol can leave the skin a little more exposed (in a good way). This brings me onto my next product…

It’s super important to wear spf daily (even when you’re indoors as windows don’t protect you from UVA rays). This moisturiser it great for putting under make-up as it’s super lightweight and hydrating (hello hyaluronic acid).

Recently purchased – LOVE! So hydrating and leaves my skin feeling as soft as a petal.

The best serum I’ve ever used – so hydrating and leaves skin feeling plump and fresh.

I use this on my T-Zone twice a week for a good detox and clear out – it works wonders!

I basically used this all of last summer and it gave me such a lovely glow. You could use it on its own or under foundation as a base.

Perfect for on-the-go – can’t go wrong with a nude lip!

The best setting powder I have tried – and I’ve tried a lot!

And that’s it! Although I have my eye on trying the fragrances, hair-care and the body sugar scrub so I think I will be putting in another order very soon!

Let me know if this has convinced you to join or whether you are already a member. Also if you have any questions, fire away!

Lots of love and take care,

Rachael x

What To Wear During Lockdown

What To Wear During Lockdown


I hope you are staying safe and well right now during this very unusual time. I can’t quite believe what is going on, but I do hope that we are moving forward and will see the back of this sooner rather than later.

Anyway… on a lighter note, let’s talk clothes. As someone who loves fashion and getting all dressed up, I’m not letting lockdown get in the way of wearing my favourite outfits… whether it’s for working out, lounging, ‘date night’ or a trip to the supermarket, I’m still putting in the effort as it makes me feel good when I feel ‘put together’. So here’s some of my favourite looks for a few different lockdown occasions.

*Please note that some of these items include affiliate links*

First up, workout pieces:

My favourite leggings from Gymshark
Olesia Short - black
Running shorts from Fabletics
Shaping Sports bra - Old rose - Ladies | H&M GB
Super cute sports bra from H&M
Half Zip Run Top Image 1 of 1
Running top from Marks & Spencer

If lounging is more your thing then check out these:

*Joggers from ASOS
Black - Jack Wills - Leggings
My favourite leggings from Jack Wills
*Lounge jumpsuit from ASOS
Lounge set from Nasty Gal
Carousel Image 0
Ribbed racer from Topshop
Seamless biker shorts - Black - Ladies | H&M GB
Biker shorts from H&M

If you are isolating with your partner, have a date over zoom or you’re catching up with your friends over House Party, you may feel in the mood to dress up a little, so why don’t you have a look at these pieces:

*The perfect neckline ASOS
Image 2 of CROP TOP WITH ORGANZA from Zara
Gorge top from Zara

Bodysuit from Nasty Gal
Dress from Missguided
Puffed sleeves striped shirt - Medium plane
Blouse from Mango

And finally… I’m making my weekly outing to Sainsbury’s a bit more special by getting dressed up for it. It gives me something to look forward to and with the amazing weather in London right now, it gives me an excuse to wear a nice dress. Here are some pieces that are perfect for popping to the shops in:

Carousel Image 0
Super cute jumpsuit from Topshop
Floral print long dress - General plane
Spring florals from Mango
You can’t go wrong with a white Zara shirt dress
Bell-shaped skirt - Light beige/Black patterned - Ladies | H&M GB 2
Midi Skirt from H&M

So there we have some fab looks for all lockdown occasions. I totally understand that right now, what we are wearing is at the back of most of our minds, but for me, ensuring that I am looking good by wearing my favourite outfits makes me feel good.

Let me know if anything has caught your eye!

Sending all my love and take care,

Rachael x

Last Minute Mothers Day Gift Guide

Journee Pink Everlasting Carnation Bouquet / Dry Bouquet Mother's Day Gift Mother's Day Bouquet Everlasting Flower - Designer journee | Pinkoi

With everything going on right now, I understand that Mothers Day may be the last thing everyone is thinking about – however it’s still a day to celebrate our amazing mums out there so I don’t see why we can’t carry on with it!

I thought I would share a few last minute gift ideas that you can easily order online (perfect if you’re isolating) that will put a smile on that special persons face.

Five Gift Ideas:

There’s nothing like a good pamper so skincare is the perfect gift for a little self-love. My current favourite skincare brand is Embryolisse – a french brand that creates nourishing products for the face and body.

I am currently loving the Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré which is a 5-1 power product that works as a moisturiser, primer, make-up remover, after-shave cream and face mask. It is perfect for mums on-the-go who like to take care of their skin but have little time!

You can buy it here at Lookfantastic for £20 and use next-day delivery!

Rose is a scent that reminds me of elegance and beauty – like my mum. This British Rose Ultimate Collection is a great gift from The Body Shop at £40 (free express delivery).

Petal-Soft British Rose Ultimate Collection 1 Piece

A good nights sleep is sometimes all a mum wants – so this deep sleep pillow spray is perfect as it is literally a great sleep in a bottle. I love love love this product and have been using it religiously for the past 4 months.

You can purchase it Next Day Delivery from Lookfantastic for £19.50

You can’t go wrong with a candle – especially a Diptyque Baies Scented Candle. It is my favourite candle and if I could smell it all day, every day, I would be forever happy. You can purchase from Space NK for £27.

Baies Scented Candle, , large

And finally, onto flowers. If you’re like me, buying flowers brings me as much joy as receiving them. Living in London whilst my mum is in Scotland means I won’t see my mum this weekend, however I have ordered her the most gorgeous flowers from Bunches. They offer free delivery, give 10% of their profits to Charity and just have the most beautiful selection. I won’t post what I got my mum a she may read this but below are a beautiful bunch and you can check out their website here.

Image of Pink Blush

So there’s 5 simple ideas that might help anyone last minute!

Take care xx

Trends I’m loving right now

Trends I’m loving right now

Hey all!

I am back in the blogging game with a new website and fresh content!

Speaking of fresh, I can start to feel Spring in the air with the lighter mornings/ and sun shining through which is getting me excited for Spring/Summer trends! I’m starting to see more colour on the high street and see some trends coming through and I couldn’t be more excited about it, so I thought I would share some of my favourite ones.

Green is back

I love wearing green – I feel like it’s one of those less worn colours, but I am seeing a lot of it right now and I am here for it. Celebs having been wearing it on the red carpet and designers such as Valentino, Victoria Beckham and Balmain featured it in in their fashion shows last month.

Here are some of my favourite green pieces:

ASOS DESIGN high neck tiered mini smock dress in textured organza

ASOS dress

Sage Green Gathered Bust Slip Dress

Topshop dress

Openwork knit top - Medium plane

Green knit top

Nude is the new black

It’s a colour you can’t go wrong with – and I am so glad to see more and more of it!

My favourite nude pieces:

Image 1 of HALTERNECK BODYSUIT from Zara

Zara nude bodysuit

Azurina mini bag

Next nude jeans

Bec & Bridge dress

Dotty about polka dots

Polka dots always have a place in my wardrobe and they may be taking up more space this season! I love love love these pieces:

ASOS dress

zoomed image

& Other Stories blouse

Image 1 of POLKA DOT MINI SKIRT from Zara

Zara skirt

Organza for days

I bought a few organza blouses to wear over Christmas time, so I’m so glad to see there are more organza pieces being continued into Spring/Summer.

Polka-dot organza shirt - Medium plane

Mango blouse

Carousel Image 0

Topshop dress

Image 1 of ORGANZA BOMBER JACKET from Zara

Zara bomber jacket

ASOS DESIGN long volume sleeve organza blouse with pussybow

ASOS Blouse

Happy shopping! xx

My Barcelona Guide

My Barcelona Guide

Hey all!

I’m finally getting round to blogging again after starting a new job (actually 2 jobs) earlier on this year.

I wanted to start things off with my Barcelona Guide. Last month at the start of July, my sister and I went on a 3-day city break to Barcelona! It was the most amazing trip mixed with both relaxation and lots of sightseeing. We arrived at our hotel around 10pm Sunday night and then headed back to Scotland at 9pm Wednesday night.

What we did:


 On the first day, we were keen to do some sightseeing, especially as the weather was a bit cloudy. We firstly headed off to Brunch & Cake for brunch (possibly the most instagramable café we came across) before heading to our first stop, the Sagrada Familia. To get about we got ourselves a 3-day metro pass for around £30 each. This was the best decision ever as the metro can get you anywhere in Barcelona and it is really easy to use (I’d recommend just buying your ticket at the station as opposed to online as it is slightly cheaper).

The Sagrada Familia was as amazing as you’d expect. With it being ‘peak tourist season’ it was super busy so to get a good view (and a good pic) I’d say go to the park that is a bit further in front of the building (you’ll see what I mean).


Then we went to a café to have some Fanta Lemon and Patatas Bravas (perfect combo) and headed back on the metro to a food market called ‘La Boqueria’. There was everything from smoothies to meat to churros to fruit cups. I have never felt so hungry in my life! We got some churros and a smoothie and then headed back on the metro to our hotel.

In the evening, we headed to ‘El Nacional Barra de Vins’ which is a massive beautiful building filled with bars and restaurants. We had some wine and cheese followed by a vegetable tart and then went for cocktails before heading home.



 On Tuesday, we got the metro early to the beach. We went to La Barceloneta which is the main beach in Barcelona with lots of bars and restaurants around. The beach is really busy, so if you aren’t keen on that I’d try and find a quieter one, but we were quite happy chilling there most of the day!


In the evening, we planned to go to a cool rooftop bar but it was fully booked so we had to find an alternative plan. We happened to stumble across the most amazing little restaurant called ‘Bristol Gastropub’. The food was amazing and we were actually really happy we didn’t get into the bar as we wouldn’t have found that hidden gem!


 On the last day, my sister told me we were going to a park called Park Guell. I packed my book and a throw to lie on thinking we were going to a nice green park to chill… however it happened to be a full-blown hike up the side of what looked like a mountain (I was also wearing my very pretty but completely impractical sandals)! It was about 30 degrees when we arrived and the walk was hard but the views were truly amazing! I’d definitely recommend going, but when it’s less hot and wear some trainers!

We then got some food and headed back to the hotel before heading on the plane home.


 We managed to get a really good deal for our hotel and flights on We stayed at a hotel called Sunotel Central. It was a perfectly lovely hotel in a really good location and not too expensive!

I couldn’t recommend Barcelona enough. It’s one of those cities that really grows on you and is just super cool!Let me know if you have any questions about Barcelona and if you are going soon – enjoy!

All my love,

Rachael x



A little insight into ‘fast-fashion’, and what we can do about it

So, after an amazing response to my Instagram stories, I have decided to write a blog post about fast fashion- looking at what it is and what can be done about it. I studied business management at University and in my last year I decided to carry out my dissertation on the topic, titled: “An Exploration into How to Overcome ‘Fast Fashion’ by Engaging Young Consumers in ‘Ethical Fashion’ Through Marketing”. Through this study I essentially wanted to look into consumer behaviour when it comes to fashion and then use business strategies (mainly marketing) to see whether we could move young consumers away from fast fashion. What astonished me was that people didn’t really know what fast fashion was when I was carrying out my studies- yes, they had heard of the term but didn’t really know what it was. So, I thought I would start by outlining exactly what it is, and what we can do to reduce its harmful effects.

Disclaimer: before I start, I am aware I still wear fast fashion brands on my blog, but the point I’m making is I want to start getting a little better at being mindful of what I wear so this is my starting point.


What is ‘fast fashion’?


The ‘fast fashion’ trend is described as “low-cost clothing collections that mimic current luxury fashion trends” (Joy et al., 2012, pp 273). Fast fashion companies turn around new styles from the design room to shop floor within 2 weeks, which allows retailers to generate high profits selling large quantities of low-priced clothing to consumers looking for something new to wear every week. However, this trend has an unethical side that needs to be addressed- both socially and environmentally. The social unethical side of fast fashion is related to production and manufacturing as most fast fashion garments are produced in developing countries, normally by low paid labour. This means lower costs overall for companies, resulting in lower prices for consumers, thus, leading to a higher number of sales.  In terms of environmental issues- fast fashion systemsuse large amounts of water and chemicals and emit significant amounts of greenhouse gases and is known to be the second highest polluter in the world behind oil. Furthermore with 1,000,000,000kg of clothes being disposed to landfills every year, very few clothes are being recycled (Morgan and Birtwistle, 2009). What really shocked me is that fast fashion is the second largest polluter worldwide behind oil, so we really need to start being pro-active about this issue.



What can be done


There are lots that can be done to reduce the issue:

  • Buy second hand- charity shops are amazing.
  • Recycle and donate old clothing as opposed to throwing it away.
  • Reduce consumption- this is a big one. If we were all to at least half the clothing we purchase, we would make a massive difference.
  • Buy from sustainable clothing brands- there are some great brands out there such as Matt and Nat and People Tree- however they are expensive. Nobody’s Child is a sustainable brand that isn’t too expensive so I am going to start shopping there a little more!
  • There is talk of implementing a tax onto producers to pay 1p for every garment made that goes towards better waste collection.


My personal opinion on the matter


  • From studying this area extensively, I have quite a few opinions on the matter
    • 1) Firstly, I do think implementing a tax for manufacturers is a good idea as that can be put towards better waste collection and hopefully reduce landfills being used for fashion waste. However, I think more needs to be done than that. The issue also lies with consumerism- we as consumers respond to trends etc but ultimately it is the suppliers and manufacturers who respond to our demand. The more we demand, the more manufacturers will produce and this just ends up creating a vicious circle.
    • 2) There needs to be more education around the area of fast fashion and consumers need to be shown a more ethical solution. We have seen first-hand a massive response to reducing plastic waste and lots of people are turning vegan for our planet – people want to do good, and that is because they are witnessing the harm of our planet. We have seen restaurants and companies scrap plastic straws for paper ones, and even well-establish food companies respond to the growing demand for vegan food (Greggs being one of them). So, it is possible as consumers to demand for businesses to give a more ethical and sustainable fashion option
    • 3) But how do we do this? We as consumers have the power to change our buying habits thus changing how much manufacturers make. Small steps to begin with such as buying less clothing, swapping to ethical brands, buying second-hand and donating to charity will make a big difference. Coming from a business point of view, I think a lot can be done. My hope is that current brands may see a shift in what consumers want and hopefully follow a more sustainable business strategy. As for already established sustainable brands, a few things need to change. Firstly, the pricing of these brands need to reduce a little bit as consumers are generally price sensitive. Secondly, these brands need to go about their marketing a little better. A lot of them are still not very well known, so perhaps getting involved with the social media movement (the way fast-fashion has) would help. I think there is also a stigma around these sustainable brands being not very fashionable and ‘hippy’, so perhaps finding a right balance between trendy but also sustainable would be ideal.


Moving forward

  • As a blogger, I will definitely be incorporating these thoughts into my content. I want to show a more sustainable way of being fashionable. I started the year by sharing that I was going to buy less, and whilst that has reduced my content (as I’ve had less outfits to post), I’m hoping to find ways to incorporate sustainable yet fashionable content to build it back up.
  • I don’t want to lose the fashion aspect of my blog. Fashion makes me happy so I will continue to shop, but I will buy less and be a bit more mindful.
  • I am going to look into more sustainable brands.
  • Finally, I want to make the point that my blog won’t be about constant pressure to be sustainable, as that can be a bit off putting in my opinion. I just want to be a little more mindful, and think it would be great to share it with you all in subtle way.


I think as long as we are making small changes and doing what we can, thats a great start! I hope you have found this interesting- any questions please leave them in the comments below!


Rachael x

My go-to workouts

So after talking about my go to workout clothing, I thought I would talk about my go to workout tips. In the last few of years, I have really started to find a love for fitness. Most days, there is nothing I love more than putting my trainers and headphones on and zoning out for an hour in the gym. I think I have learned a lot about fitness in the last few years, so I thought I would share some tips and tricks I have learned over the last few years. I am by no means a personal trainer,  so I won’t be going into too much detail!

Some realities:

I think one of the most important things I’ve learned is that I am not a full time athlete with all the time in the world to exercise. A lot of the time I am tired from work and really don’t fancy exercising, so if I set myself a goal of 3-4 days a week of exercise. I used to aim for 5-6 days but it’s not feasible most days and thats okay!

Secondly, all the ‘fitspo’ people on Instagram are great for motivation, but I have learned that it is really impossible to mimic their bodies. For starters, a lot of pictures will be edited or from flattering angles and secondly, it is literally their jobs to exercise! Whether their a fitness influencer or just a general influencer, they have the time to exercise all the time- I however do not, so I try and limit my expectations and stay realistic about my goals.

Thirdly, I don’t enjoy every form of exercising out there and again, thats okay! I have concluded running is not for me despite years of trying, however I have found some exercises I love so I thought I would share.

My fave workouts

Yoga: I loooove yoga, especially as a warm up, cool down or just to zone out for a bit. I recently have just got back into it and am so thankful, because my body feels much less tense! I normally do yoga at home either using the Asana Rebel app (you can download it from an App Store) or I use Shona Vertue’s youtube channel- both are so easy to use and very informative!

Interval training: this has changed the way I do cardio. I used to find it so boring because I would just run or cross train for an hour and feel like I wasn’t getting anywhere. I started researching and found interval training is a way more effective and interesting way to do cardio. Normally I will now do 20-30 minutes on either the step machine, bike or cross trainer doing 40/20’s. This means I work really hard on the machine for 40 seconds then for 20 seconds I take it easier to get my breath back. Not only does it make you sweat more and work harder, it makes the time go so much quicker!

Core workouts: I LOVE core workouts. It is my favourite workout because I love the burn in my tummy when I am working hard. I normally use youtube videos to find different workouts for my core by just typing ‘core workout’ or ’10 minute core workout’ and millions of videos pop up! I try and do core 2-3 times a week.

Weights: I have only recently started to enjoy weight training. I have started doing squats again after not being able to due to a hip injury for 2 years. You see results a lot quicker when doing squats. I also love dumbbell workouts for my arms. I am definitely not qualified in explaining how to use weights but I always find personal trainers/gym staff are really helpful in gyms if you need help with how to squat/use weights effectively and safely. If you are unsure, just give someone an ask- I have always found them really helpful!

Classes: Last year I really got into step class, until I picked up a knee injury and have been too scared to go back! I love any classes that are dance/routine orientated as I find the class much more fun and makes me want to go back!


A final tip for a good workout is a good music playlist! Here are 10 of my go to gym songs:

  1. ‘Electricity’ by Silk City, Dua Lipa, Diplo and Mark Ronson
  2. ‘Fade’ by Kanye West
  3. ‘You Don’t Know Me’ by Jax Jones and RAYE
  4. ‘Nonstop’ by Drake
  5. ‘All my Love’ by Major Lazer and Ariana Grande
  6. ‘Play’ by Jax Jones and Years & Years
  7. ‘Side to Side’ by Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj
  8. ‘Nice for What’ by Drake
  9. ‘Remind Me to Forget’ by Kygo and Miguel
  10. ‘Bootylicious’ by Destiny’s Child (cheesy but I do admittedly listen to this when I squat, lol)


Happy workout!

Rachael x

My go-to workout clothing brands

Hey all!

So with it being about -10 degrees right now and the January blues have well and truly kicked in, I find going to the gym or doing a workout nearly impossible right now. When it’s summer I can’t wait to go for a run or a swim, but in the winter I want to cuddle up in bed and not step foot in the gym. Therefore I need some motivation, and nothing motivates me more than nice gym clothes! So I thought I would share my go to brands and my favourite pieces.

First up is Forever 21. I think I have gone on about Forever 21 activewear for years, and thats because not only is it super pretty, it so affordable and lasts foreeeever! I have had a pair of leggings for about 5 years that cost me £20. I have linked some of my favourite items from their current activewear line below:


Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 17.11.23.png


Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 17.12.37.png

High impact sports bra

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 17.13.41.png


Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 17.15.15.png

Crop top

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 17.16.15.png


Next up is puma. I am obsessed with puma clothing and if you are long legged like me, you need to try the leggings! They are super long and flattering.

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 17.20.40.png



Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 17.21.19.png

Puma leggings


Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 17.23.38.png

Sports bra

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 17.25.13.png

Sports top

And finally, I want to talk about my new find, Gap. I didn’t realise they did activewear, however now I have noticed their line ‘GapFit’ and want it all!

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 17.28.04.png

Star leggings (as seen on my Instagram)

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 17.29.10.png

Colour block leggings

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 17.30.13.png

Deep blue leggings

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 17.31.52.png

Twist back t-shirt

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 17.33.11.png

Low impact sports bra 


There are plenty more brands I love- USA Pro, Nike and Under Armour are up there too, so definitely check them out! I hope this has helped if you are in a little rut with exercising, but if you want to snuggle up on the sofa away from the cold, that is perfectly fine too!

Lots of love,

Rachael x