How to get the perfect brows


You will have probably noticed the picture above is (sadly) not me – its Rosie Huntington-Whitely aka my brow inspiration.

I thought I would pop in and chat quickly through my 3 favourite brow products to create the perfect shape and fullness.

First up – tweezers!!

My all time favourite tweezers are from Swiss brand, Rubis.

This tweezer brand is actually a favourite of Rosie HW’s! I find they have a great grip and are super precise. It’s so easy to shape my brows with them and I have definitely found them more efficient than any other tweezers I have used.

They can be purchased from Cult Beauty.

Next up, tinting!! Over lockdown, I really missed my regular tinting sessions so I found this great alternative from Revolution.

You simply fill your brows with the liquid product, leave it for a couple hours and then peel it off! It tints the brows for around 3 days, so that is the only downside. I often tint on a Thursday evening so my brows are ready for the weekend!!

It’s only £5 and can be bought from ASOS.

Finally, the whole grail of brow setting products – Soap Brow!

This baby is perfect for holding your brows in place all day. I use an eyebrow brush to brush the brows up and then use the soap to hold them in place. Hello feathered brows!!!

I got mine from Beauty Bay.

And there we go! 3 steps to the perfect brows!

White Rabbit Skincare



I hope you are all good and are enjoying coming out of lock down slowly but surely.

I wanted to write a post about White Rabbit Skincare, as I have been using it for a while now and get lots of questions regarding it. It’s such a fab brand, which I am proud to be an ambassador for, so I thought I would talk you through my favourite products from the collection.

Before I get into the products, here is a little more information on White Rabbit Skincare…

White Rabbit Skincare is a gorgeous, natural, cruelty free, vegan-friendly skincare range that is hand crafted in Scotland. It was created by founder, Melanie, who believes in harnessing the therapeutic aspect of essential oils, base oils, butters and waxes to help to nourish and nurture the skin. All the products don’t contain any nasties such as Parabens, SLS, Silicones, Mineral oils or derivatives of petrochemicals, artificial fragrances, artificial colours, or anything else confusing and synthetic. I have always been really interested in trying natural skin products as I have very reactive skin so don’t really like using products with ingredients I can’t pronounce! I also suffer from acne and breakouts so I like to know what I am putting on my skin every day so I can monitor it, and I feel natural products help me do so.

Another fab thing about White Rabbit Skincare products is that they are 99% plastic free, and aiming for 100% soon. You can also recycle your packaging with them and get 50p off your next purchase if you do so.

Now lets get into my favourite products…

First up is the cleansing balm. Not only does this product smell divine, it feels so luxurious on the skin. You only need a small amount to take all the make up/oils/whatever is on your face off. I love cleansing this into my face every evening and then washing it off with warm water and a muslin cloth. I really feel like it leaves my skin fresh and clean and it isn’t too harsh.

This toner is super refreshing and just a delight to spritz on my face. I love the fact you can just spray it on without the need to use a cotton pad. It feels really calming and smells incredible! I also find that on warm days, if I pop it in the fridge, I can spritz it on my face throughout the day to keep cool.

I have completely ignored eye cream and only started using it recently – but I am already seeing results with this one! I always find the skin around my eyes is really sensitive, however this product doesn’t irritate it at all. It is super hydrating and does the job perfectly.

The scent of this moisturiser is just incredible – and knowing that it is all natural makes it even better! Again, as I have said before I have quite reactive skin, so this calming cream is such a fab addition to my skincare routine. I love putting it on in the evening and waking up to hydrated and glowing skin!

And that’s it! These are a few of my favourite products from the range which I think are really worth giving a go as they should fit into every skin types routine. I also have a discount code ‘RACHAEL20’ which you can use at the checkout to get some money off if you want to give anything a go!

Let me know if you have any other questions or end up purchasing a product!

Take care,

Rachael x

*full disclosure, I am an ambassador for the brand and get products kindly gifted to try – these are a few of my favourite ones which I genuinely enjoy using*

Recent Beauty Buys



I hope you are all keeping well and not going too crazy in lock-down! Hopefully not too much longer to go… Anyway, I don’t think I’m the only one who is enjoying online shopping and taking advantage of those extra pennies saved from not leaving the house. I have been investing in some beauty products and tools that I have been wanting for a while now so thought I would share them and what my thoughts are on them. Here we go…

*Before I start please note I use affiliate links *

Soap Brows

West Barn Co - Soap Brows

I’ve been wanting to try this for a while and finally got my hands on it. I really like it – it keeps my eyebrows put and helps create the ‘feather brow’ look I’ve lusted after for ages. However, after purchasing I was told by a few people that apparently using Pears Soap (79p) and an eyebrow brush, you can get the same effect, so you might as well save your money!

Maybelline Tattoo Brow

This is a great way to tint your brows whilst we can’t get to a salon (I’m really missing my brow appointments). You can leave the product on your eyebrows for 2 hours then peel it off and it will leave a semi-permanent tint for 3 days. I was really impressed by this product and do recommend it if you are missing those filled brows!

The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution

AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution - 30ml

After seeing this all over social media (and my bestie, Chani, recommending it), I had to order this. It came super quickly and my goodness it’s good. It’s an exfoliating mask that unclogs pores and resurfaces the skin. Although the dark red colour can be off-putting, I noticed results straight away – petal soft skin in minutes.

(If you aren’t used to using acids or have sensitive skin, I wouldn’t recommend using this as it is quite harsh!)

Revolution Targeted Blemish Serum 2% Salicylic Acid

Revolution Skincare - Targeted Blemish Serum 2% Salicylic Acid

Is it just me or has your skin been breaking out like mad recently? I feel like I’m really struggling to control it! I decided to get some Salicylic Acid (the best acid for fighting blemishes) to try and target my nasty spots and this serum has worked well so far. I’ve been putting it all over my face after cleansing and my spots have reduced a little (touch wood).

Microfiber Hair Towel Wraps

Such a simple purchase but they have been a game-changer for my hair. Gone are the days of wrapping my hair in a heavy towel after a shower and hello to these light-weight pretty hair towels. I got this pack of 3 from Amazon and am so glad I have discovered them – I also think they absorb more water than a regular towel too!

Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

I’m ashamed I hadn’t discovered these earlier, but at least I’ve got them now! Cotton wool is obviously not very environmentally friendly so these reusable ones are a great alternative! Every week I will pop them in the wee bag they come with and put them in the washing machine!

Electric Foot File

Those with a foot phobia, I would probably skip this part! I hate hard skin on my feet – it’s not pretty, nor does it feel nice. I have tried countless callus and hard skin remover tools but this has by far been the best one I have tried! It’s a wee electric machine with 2 different speed settings and 3 different heads: 1 fine roller for daily foot care; 1 regular roller for remove dead skin; and 1 coarse roller for troublesome crack callus. I used the coarse roller first and it removed all the hard skin within seconds and has left my feet feeling so so soft. It has definitely made me miss pedicures a lot less!

That’s all for now but no doubt I will find some more products to spend my money on…

Take care and lots of love,

Rachael x

My Beauty Pie Review

Beauty Pie appoints CPB London – CPB London


So this weeks blog is something I have been wanting to write for a while now as a compulsive beauty hoarder.

As soon as I see a new beauty brand on the market, a must-have product or a new acid or retinol, I need to have it. This often means I end up buying whatever it is, but consequently leaves me with no money left for food at the end of the month. This is the beauty of Beauty Pie – AFFORDABLE, luxury beauty products that won’t break the bank but still expose you to all the amazing products out there.

The low-down on Beauty Pie

Beauty Pie is a ‘luxury beauty buyers club’ where you can get high-end beauty products at a fraction of the price… as long as you pay a monthly membership. Each membership has a corresponding monthly spending limit based on typical prices.
You can pay £5, £10, £20 a month or £99 a year in order to join and you get the following:

I realise that may seem confusing so here is an example:

I pay £10 a month, therefore I get my £100 spending limit a month. I could then buy a moisturiser that is £10 (normally worth £60) and a cleanser that is £8 (normally worth £40) and therefore spend £28 (including my membership) for two products that would cost £100 (my monthly spending limit). Make sense?

Also if you don’t use up your full membership allowance one month, it rolls over into the next month and so on… Beauty Pie create these great products at such a low prices by cutting out the ‘middle-men’, shop costs and expensive marketing.

So is it worth it?


Firstly, I think in total I have saved around £400-£500 in the last year or so, which really does make me feel so much better about my product hoarding issues.

Secondly and most importantly – the products are amazing!! I have found so many products that I buy regularly and swear by, so I thought I would share them below.

My favourite Beauty Pie products:

This is an incredible cleanser for removing make-up and gently cleansing my skin! If you have quite sensitive skin and wear make-up regulary, this is perfect for you.

This is literally a facial in a bottle… or tube? It contains my all time favourite acid, salicylic acid, which helps unclog pores and prevent blemishes.

If you don’t use retinol, begin to use it! It’s amazing for brightening and smoothing out the skins texture. Just make sure you use an spf daily as well as retinol can leave the skin a little more exposed (in a good way). This brings me onto my next product…

It’s super important to wear spf daily (even when you’re indoors as windows don’t protect you from UVA rays). This moisturiser it great for putting under make-up as it’s super lightweight and hydrating (hello hyaluronic acid).

Recently purchased – LOVE! So hydrating and leaves my skin feeling as soft as a petal.

The best serum I’ve ever used – so hydrating and leaves skin feeling plump and fresh.

I use this on my T-Zone twice a week for a good detox and clear out – it works wonders!

I basically used this all of last summer and it gave me such a lovely glow. You could use it on its own or under foundation as a base.

Perfect for on-the-go – can’t go wrong with a nude lip!

Translucent Loose Setting Powder, £8.96

The best setting powder I have tried – and I’ve tried a lot!

And that’s it! Although I have my eye on trying the fragrances, hair-care and the body sugar scrub so I think I will be putting in another order very soon!

Let me know if this has convinced you to join or whether you are already a member. Also if you have any questions, fire away!

Lots of love and take care,

Rachael x

My skincare routine


Hey guys!

I have struggled with my skin since a young age. I battled rather horrible acne when I was younger, and also deal with very oily, sensitive, porous skin on a daily base. I still get spots and have found it very hard to get my skin healthy. However I feel I am slowly learning ways to deal with my very temperamental skin so I thought I would share my new skincare routine. Firstly I want to talk about diet. In the last few months I have really started to look after my diet and eat more healthily. I drink lots of water with cucumber and lemon and I eat lots of fruit and vegetables everyday. I have really noticed that since I have become healthier, I am experiencing a lot fewer break outs!

To take my make up off I use Botanics micellar water. I used to take my make up off with cheap make up wipes, which was one of the worst things I could have done as I have such sensitive skin. I recently read that some make up wipes have a very acidic pH and they shouldn’t be used to take off make up so since reading that I ditched the wipes and found an alternative. This micellar water smells amazing and it also cleanses the skins as well as removing make up so it works a treat!


Cleanser is a must when it comes to have healthy skin. My favourite cleaner is this L’Occitane Angelica Cleansing Gel. Cleansing twice a day is a good start to looking after your skin properly. A tip I have for remembering to cleanse in the morning is to have a cleanser in your shower so that when you shower in the morning you can quickly wash your face at the same time. This cleansing gel leaves my skin so soft and glowing. It has also helped contain my breakouts as it’s not too aggressive.


After cleansing I use this Good Things deep pore toner. Having very large pores on my face is not a great look, so I try and find products that clean my pores out and tighten them at the same time. This toner does just the job and it also smells divine!


Exfoliation is a must! Using a scrub twice a week means that any impurities and dry skin cells can be brushed away and your skin will look a lot fresher. This Nip Fab Glycolic Fix Scrub is a winner and I could not recommend it enough.


Another product I use to battle my porous skin is this No7 Deep pore purifier. It’s a cleansing gel that comes with an applicator. Use it twice a week to deeply clean and tighten pores.


I am a self confessed face mask addict. I love trying out lots of different brands and seeing how well they work on my skin. One of my favourite face masks is this L’Occitane instant hydration mask. I love this one as you only keep it on for 2 minutes and then when you take it off, your skin is left feeling so soft for days!


Moisturising is also really important for good skin. I would recommend not settling for a cheap moisturiser and spending that little bit more as you often find cheap moisturisers dry out skin or promote excess oil production. This dermalogica active moist one is great for people with oily, combination skin like mine.


Finally, tackling breakouts can be a pain. However I have found this Dermalogica overnight clearing gel does exactly what is says on the tin. If you feel a breakout coming on, just apply a small amount to the skin overnight and it works like magic so the next day your skin is already looking better! If you are able to invest, I recommend it highly!


I hope you enjoyed reading and I have helped a few people who have similar skin problems!

Lots of love,

Rachael x

Rosie for Autograph’s dreamy make up line


Happy sunday!

For my first beauty blog I decided to review my new favourite make up line by Rosie Huntington-Whitely. I am obsessed with Rosie- she has great style and I have been a fan of her lingerie and sleepwear line for a while-so I knew her make up collection would not disappoint. Her line can be bought at Marks and Spencer’s and it’s not too pricey for the great quality. The collection comes in beautiful rose gold packaging, so it looks fab in your make up bag! The make up line is created for “women on the go” so it’s great for me as a student when I am rushing to get to class in the morning. It is a very natural collection, with lots of neutral colours- which I love! I created the below look on friday for a night out with my girlfriends. I used Rosie’s ‘Insta Lash’ mascara, the ‘I Feel Like A Million Dollars’ eyeshadow palette and the ‘Silk Rose’ lipstick.


First up I used the eyeshadow palette. The colours on this palette are so pretty and glamorous. I started by filling in the inner corner of my eyelid with the top right colour and worked my way into the middle of my eyelid where I used the top left colour to fill in the second half of my eyelid out towards the outer corner. I then filled in the outer corner of my eyelid with the darkest colour on the bottom left and then used my fingers to blend all three colours together. A tip I got from reading about Rosie HW’s make up routine was that using your fingers to blend make up is a really great alternative to brushes as you can actually feel the products yourself. I used the bottom right colour to highlight the inner corner of my eyelid and under my eyebrow. This colour is a great highlighter and really brings out the eyes. I also added a bit of liquid eyeliner to give my eyes a bit more structure.


I followed up with the ‘Insta Lash’ mascara. I don’t know where I would be without mascara- it’s an everyday essential for me so I am quite picky with what mascara I use. The Insta Lash however does the job perfectly. It doesn’t give those dreaded clumpy eyelashes which is a bonus and it applies brilliantly. Always remember to curl your eyelashes before applying mascara as it makes such a difference! I have been without an eyelash curler as I lost mine last week and I have noticed how lifeless my eyelashes have looked without it.


Finally I used the ‘Silk Rose’ lipstick which is hands down my new favourite product. The colour is so classic and can be worn both during the day time and evening time. Before applying I lined my lips with a lipliner that was a similar colour from No7 and as I was heading out for the night, I wanted the colour to last so I filled in the rest of my lips with the liner to almost create a base layer. The lipstick applies so smoothly and easily. I highly recommend it!


I also wanted to mention how amazing the Rosie for Autograph perfume is. I bought this perfume last year and have been using it since. It’s such a beautiful, fresh scent and I have had so many compliments on it. It’s not too expensive and definitely worth a try!



Links to the products are posted below. I hope you enjoyed reading and have a fab week!

Love R xx


Eyeshadow palette