My skincare routine

My skincare routine

Hey guys!

I have struggled with my skin since a young age. I battled rather horrible acne when I was younger, and also deal with very oily, sensitive, porous skin on a daily base. I still get spots and have found it very hard to get my skin healthy. However I feel I am slowly learning ways to deal with my very temperamental skin so I thought I would share my new skincare routine. Firstly I want to talk about diet. In the last few months I have really started to look after my diet and eat more healthily. I drink lots of water with cucumber and lemon and I eat lots of fruit and vegetables everyday. I have really noticed that since I have become healthier, I am experiencing a lot fewer break outs!

To take my make up off I use Botanics micellar water. I used to take my make up off with cheap make up wipes, which was one of the worst things I could have done as I have such sensitive skin. I recently read that some make up wipes have a very acidic pH and they shouldn’t be used to take off make up so since reading that I ditched the wipes and found an alternative. This micellar water smells amazing and it also cleanses the skins as well as removing make up so it works a treat!


Cleanser is a must when it comes to have healthy skin. My favourite cleaner is this L’Occitane Angelica Cleansing Gel. Cleansing twice a day is a good start to looking after your skin properly. A tip I have for remembering to cleanse in the morning is to have a cleanser in your shower so that when you shower in the morning you can quickly wash your face at the same time. This cleansing gel leaves my skin so soft and glowing. It has also helped contain my breakouts as it’s not too aggressive.


After cleansing I use this Good Things deep pore toner. Having very large pores on my face is not a great look, so I try and find products that clean my pores out and tighten them at the same time. This toner does just the job and it also smells divine!


Exfoliation is a must! Using a scrub twice a week means that any impurities and dry skin cells can be brushed away and your skin will look a lot fresher. This Nip Fab Glycolic Fix Scrub is a winner and I could not recommend it enough.


Another product I use to battle my porous skin is this No7 Deep pore purifier. It’s a cleansing gel that comes with an applicator. Use it twice a week to deeply clean and tighten pores.


I am a self confessed face mask addict. I love trying out lots of different brands and seeing how well they work on my skin. One of my favourite face masks is this L’Occitane instant hydration mask. I love this one as you only keep it on for 2 minutes and then when you take it off, your skin is left feeling so soft for days!


Moisturising is also really important for good skin. I would recommend not settling for a cheap moisturiser and spending that little bit more as you often find cheap moisturisers dry out skin or promote excess oil production. This dermalogica active moist one is great for people with oily, combination skin like mine.


Finally, tackling breakouts can be a pain. However I have found this Dermalogica overnight clearing gel does exactly what is says on the tin. If you feel a breakout coming on, just apply a small amount to the skin overnight and it works like magic so the next day your skin is already looking better! If you are able to invest, I recommend it highly!


I hope you enjoyed reading and I have helped a few people who have similar skin problems!

Lots of love,

Rachael x